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Salmon Channel Rockfish Conservation Area

Map: Rockfish Conservation Area boundary and proposed changes

Description of current Rockfish Conservation Area boundary

Those waters of Subareas 12-6 and 12-7 that lie inside a line that:

begins at 50°42.500'N 126°52.300'W near Foster Rock
then to 50°44.200'N 126°48.900'W near Holford Rocks
then to 50°44.100'N 126°48.250'W near Holford Islets
then to 50°41.325'N 126°48.504'W near Penfold Islet
then to 50°41.800'N 126°50.900'W near Twin Islets

then to the beginning point.

Proposed boundary change

Extend portions of the boundary to the north, south, east and west by up to 750 metres.

Reason(s) for proposed boundary change

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