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Pacific Fisheries Management Area maps

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Overview map of Pacific Fishery Management Areas

For a written description of Pacific Fishery Management Areas and Subareas please see the Pacific Fishery Management Area Regulations 2007.

Map: Pacific Fishery Management Areas B.C. Coast

Download a printable 1.2 MB PDF version of this map.

Maps of Pacific Fishery Management Areas

Area Description
Area 1 Northern Haida Gwaii
Area 2 Southern Haida Gwaii
Area 3 Portland Inlet
Area 4 Chatham Sound, Porcher Island
Area 5 Greenville Channel, Principe Channel
Area 6 Princess Royal Island
Area 7 Price Island, Hunter Island
Area 8 Fitz Hugh Sound
Area 9 Calvert Island, Rivers Inlet
Area 10 Cranstown Point, Table Island
Area 11 Cape Caution, Westcott Point
Area 12 Northern Johnstone Strait
Area 13 Quadra Island, Cortes Island
Area 14 Oyster River, Parksville
Area 15 Brettell Point, Powell River
Area 16 Texada Island, Lasqueti Island, Jervis Inlet
Area 17 Nanoose Bay, Galiano Island
Area 18 Mayne Island, Saanich
Area 19 Saanich, William Head
Area 20 Sooke, Bonilla Point Lighthouse
Area 21/22 Tzuquanah Point, Nitinat Lake
Area 23 Cape Beale, Ucluelet
Area 24 Cox Point, Estevan Point
Area 25 Nootka Sound, Esperanza Inlet 
Area 26 Union Island, Solander Island
Area 27 Solander Island, Lawn Point, Cape Scott
Area 28 Bowen Island, Squamish, Vancouver, Indian Arm
Area 29 Lower Georgia Strait
Area 101 Open water north of Haida Gwaii
Area 102 Open water east of Haida Gwaii
Area 103 Open water west of Zayas Island and Dundas Island
Area 104 Open water between Rose Point and Chatham Sound
Area 105 Open water west of Banks Island
Area 106 Hecate Strait
Area 107 Hecate Strait/Queen Charlotte Sound
Area 108 Open water west of Calvert Island
Area 109 Open water west of Calvert Island
Area 110 Open water southwest of Calvert Island
Area 111 Open water north of Vancouver Island
Area 121 Open water southwest of Pachena Point
Area 123 Open water southwest of Ucluelet
Area 124 Open water southwest of Clayoquot Sound
Area 125 Open water southwest of Nootka Sound
Area 126 Open water southwest of Clerke Point
Area 127 Open water west of Northern Vancouver Island
Area 130 Open water west of Queen Charlotte Sound
Area 142 Open water west of Haida Gwaii
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