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Docee River counting fence

The Docee River counting fence will not be operational this season.

The Docee River is located in the Central Coast district of British Columbia in Management Area 10. The Docee River is less that one kilometre long and drains Long Lake into Wyclees Lagoon which drains into Smith Inlet. The Docee River Fence is located at the outlet of Long Lake.

The Docee River counting fence has been in operation since 1972. A counting tower was in operation from 1962 to 1971. Daily sockeye escapement information recorded at the fence is used for the management of the commercial gillnet fishery in Smith Inlet. The counting fence generally operates from late June or early July to mid August.

Sockeye are sampled from the fence for post orbital to hypural plate length and tip of nose to the fork of the tail length. Scales are taken from each fish for age determination.

In 1998, the fence operation was expanded to include coho and chinook.

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