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Salmon conservation stamps


Buy a salmon conservation stamp now

If you retain any species of Pacific salmon, you must have a current salmon conservation stamp on your licence. This applies to all recreational fishers in fresh or tidal waters, regardless of age or resident status.

For tidal water fishing, you can buy an annual salmon conservation stamp through:

For fresh water fishing, see the B.C. Recreational Freshwater Fishing Licence page for information on how to buy a salmon conservation stamp.

Pacific Salmon Foundation

We work with the Pacific Salmon Foundation to produce the salmon conservation stamp for tidal water fishing. All funds generated from stamp sales go to the Pacific Salmon Foundation to support salmon restoration, stewardship and enhancement projects in British Columbia.

The Pacific Salmon Foundation is the largest non-profit, charitable organization dedicated to conserving and rebuilding Pacific salmon populations. The Foundation works in partnership with volunteer streamkeepers and community organizations to leverage every dollar generated through salmon conservation stamp sales.

The images on salmon conservation stamps are used to produce limited edition art prints, which generate additional funds for the Foundation.

Donations can be made directly to the Pacific Salmon Foundation to support their work.


For more information on how to purchase a limited-edition art print or to make a donation to the Pacific Salmon Foundation, contact:

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