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Summary of Pacific salmon stock management units

The 2022 outlook should be regarded as an early scan of salmon production, and is subject to change as more information becomes available. In addition, individual outlooks may be superseded with formal statistical forecasts and assessments, as they are completed and reviewed.

The complete version of the 2022 Salmon Outlook is available upon request. Please contact Dawn Lewis to receive a copy.

A ‘stock management unit’ (SMU) is a ‘group of one or more conservation units (CU) that are managed together with the objective of achieving a joint status’. Region-wide, there are 409 CUs that make up 69 Stock Management Units of Pacific salmon. In 2022, eight SMUs units did not have enough information to provide an assessment. Sixty-one units were an assigned Outlook category or forecast.

Sockeye 2022 outlook

Chinook 2022 outlook

Coho 2022 outlook

Chum 2022 outlook

Pink 2022 outlook

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