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Community involvement in the South Lower Fraser

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Community involvement groups

Group Contact information Details
Abbotsford Ravine Park Salmonid Enhancement Society

Dale Taylor
PO Box 464
Abbotsford BC V2T 6Z7


Number of members/students: 200
Initiated 1981. Hatchery and education on Willband and Clayburn Creeks.
Advocates of the Nicomen Ecological Watershed

Keith Joycey
41290-B Lougheed Highway
RR 1
Deroche BC V0M 1G0


Number of members/students: 10
Initiated 1999. Stewardship awareness and restoration on Nicomen slough.
Alton Streamkeepers

Bonnie Alton
6240 Unsworth Rd
Chilliwack BC V2R 4P5


Number of members/students: 5
Initiated 2005. Habitat restoration Atchelitz Creek.
Annie Clegg Forest

Jack and Ruby Clegg
9008 McElwee Rd
Rosedale BC V0X 1X0


Number of members/students: 4
Initiated 2004. Education and habitat restoration on Nevin and Dunville Creeks.
Byrne Creek Streamkeepers

Ted Palmer
50 50801 Osbourne Rd
Chilliwack BC V4Z 1J3


Number of members/students: 6
Initiated 2009. Streamkeepers
habitat improvement
and stock assessment.
Chilliwack River Action Committee

Dave Lamson
48665 Chilliwack Lake Rd
Chilliwack BC V4Z 1A6


Number of members/students: 12
Initiated 1995. Habitat restoration and awareness on Chilliwack River.
Chilliwack Senior High School Streamkeepers

Connie Williams
46363 Yale Rd
Chilliwack BC V2P 2P8


Number of members/students: 20
Initiated 2005. Streamkeepers and education on Nevin and Dunville Creeks.
Chilliwack BC Vedder River Cleanup Society

Lew Chater
46530 Uplands Rd
Chilliwack BC V2R 4M5


Number of members/students: 20
Initiated: 2002. Clean up of the river
23 Adopt a River groups.
Cougar Canyon Creek Enhancement

Pete Willows
10718 Ramona Way
Delta BC V4C 6S6


Number of members/students: 25
Initiated 1986. Planting and invasive species removal. Rain Garden Presentations. Incubation box.
Cultus Sockeye Recovery Program

Jeffrey Lemieux
Resource Management
8888 University Dr
Burnaby BC V5A 1S6


Initiated 2001. Sockeye recovery on Cultus Lake
Cultus Lake Aquatic Stewardship Strategy

c/o Shelley Walsh
Cultus Lake Lab,
4222 Columbia Valley Hwy
Cultus Lake
BC V2R 5B6

Number of members/students: 36
Initiated: 2007. Developing a Cultus Lake water quality plan involving all stakeholders.
Fraser BC Valley Bald Eagle Festival

Jo-Anne Chadwick
c/o Mission Chamber of Commerce
34033 Lougheed Hwy
BC V2V 5X8


Number of members/students: 30
Initiated 1995. Awareness and habitat protection in the Fraser BC Valley.
Fraser BC Valley Conservancy

Ashley Peters
PO Box 2026
BC V2T 3T8


Number of members/students: 30
Initiated 1998. Species at Risk protection and stewardship on private land.
Fraser BC Valley Regional District

Meeri Durand
45950 Cheam Ave
Chilliwack BC V2P 1N6


Initiated 2001. Awareness and education
watershed planning on Chilliwack River
Kawkawa Creeks.
Fraser BC Valley Regional Watershed Coalition

Lance Lilley
University of the Fraser BC Valley
45635 Yale Rd
Chilliwack BC V2P 6T4


Number of members/students: 50
Initiated 1997. Watershed conservation in the Fraser BC Valley.
Glen BC Valley Watershed Society

4914 221 St
Langley BC V3A 3Z8

Great Blue Heron Nature Reserve

Janet Hutchinson
PO Box 512
5200 Sumas Prairie Rd
Chilliwack BC V2P 7V5


Number of members/students: 20
Initiated 2003. Habitat restoration and awareness on Salwein Creek.
Gulf of Georgia Cannery Society

Vivian Gosselin
12138 Fourth Ave
Richmond BC V7E 3J1


Number of members/students: 20
Education about the salmon fishing history of Steveston.
Hatzic BC Valley Streamkeepers

Ken Kristian
34337 Catchpoke Ave
Mission BC V2V 6P2


Number of members/students: 6
Initiated 2002. Streamkeepers
Draper and Wharton Creeks.
Langley Environmental Partners Society

Nichole Marples
4700 - 224 St
Langley BC V2Z 1N4


Number of members/students: 75
Initiated 1993. Habitat restoration and public awareness activities on Langley
Little Campbell
Little Campbell Hatchery (Semiahmoo Fish and Game Club)

Ron Meadley
1284 - 184 St
Surrey BC V3S 5J9


Number of members/students: 400
Initiated 1978. Hatchery
rearing and tours by request for Little Campbell River.
Miami River Streamkeepers

Janne Perrin
PO Box 478
Harrison Hot Springs BC V0M 1K0


Number of members/students: 19
Initiated: 2009 Streamkeepers and habitat improvement.
MEI Streamkeepers

Daniel BC Van der Kroon
31638 Downes Rd
Abbotsford BC V4X 2M7


Number of members/students: 6
Initiated 2005. Streamkeepers on Downes Creek.
Mission Stream of Dreams

Lucienne Lehmann
30661 Keystone Ave
Mission BC V2V 4H9


Number of members/students: 14
Initiated 1999. Stewardship and awareness in the district of Mission.
Nickomekl Enhancement Society

Steve Lougheed
5263 232 St
Langley BC V2Z 2P8


Number of members/students: 50
Initiated 1992. Incubation for Nicomekl River.
Skowkale First Nation Project

Harold Archie
Skowkale First Nation
PO Box 2159
Chilliwack BC V2R 1A7


Number of members/students: 6
Initiated 1978. Hatchery on Little Chilliwack Creek.
Tynehead Hatchery

Glenn Wright
16585 96th Ave
Surrey BC V3R 5W7


Number of members/students: 100
Initiated 1987. Hatchery
tours by request for Serpentine River.

Education activity

Institution School incubators Students Dissections Instruction workshops
Abbotsford school district 41 2460 - 1
Chilliwack and Hope school district 26 780 1 1
Delta school district 20 532 - 1
Langley school district 22 660 1 1
Mission school district
Partner Funded School Coordinator – Dev Bowler DFO
14 637 1 1
Richmond school district 19 570 1 1
Surrey school district 65 1950 1 2

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