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Community involvement in West Vancouver and East Howe Sound up to Anderson Lake

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Community involvement groups

Group Contact information Details
Bowen Island Fish and Wildlife Club

Tim Pardee
RR 1 AL 36
Bowen Island BC V0N 1G0


Number of members/students: 20
Initiated 1984. Fish ladders, hatchery, habitat improvement, public awareness. Land and watershed management planning, water-use planning, oceans foreshore, restoration in Terminal, Davies Creeks.
Brackendale Art Gallery – Eagle Watch

Thor Froslev
41950 Government Rd
PO Box 100
Brackendale BC V0N 1H0


Britannia Beach Streamkeepers Number of members/students: 6
Watershed planning, mining and contaminated site reclamation, habitat restoration, oceans stewardship, enhancement.
Cheakamus Centre

Carl Halvorson
PO Box 250
Brackendale BC V0N 1H0


Number of members/students: School staff
Initiated 1981. Hatchery, education, spawning channel, watershed and water-use planning on Cheakamus River.
District of Squamish, Environment

Peter Woods, Environmental Coordinator

District of West Vancouver, Environment

Sandra Biego
750 17th St
West Vancouver BC V7V 3T3

Furry Creek Streamkeepers

Dave Rittberg


Number of members/students: 20
Initiated 2001. Habitat restoration, watershed planning, assessment, education.
Mt. Currie First Nations

Maxine Bruce


Number of members/students: 30
Watershed planning, habitat restoration, salmon inventories and education.
N'Quatqua First Nations – D'Arcy/Anderson Lake


Number of members/students: 15
Watershed planning, education, enhancement and habitat restoration.
Pemberton – Lillooet Agricultural Stewardship Society

Veronica Woodruff


Number of members/students: 10
Agricultural stewardship
Pemberton Sportsmen's Wildlife Association

Hugh Naylor
PO Box 221
Pemberton BC V0N 2L0

604-894-6402 (Hugh)

Number of members/students: 10
Initiated 1985. Hatchery, habitat improvement, youth education, assessment, watershed planning on Birkenhead, Upper Lillooet rivers.
Sewell's Landing Marina

Eric and Megan Sewell
6695 Nelson Ave
West Vancouver BC V7W 2B2


Initiated 1984. Ocean stewardship activities on Horseshoe Bay and Howe Sound.
Squamish Environmental Conservation Society

Meg Fellowes
PO Box 2676
Squamish BC V8B 0B8


Squamish First Nations

Randall Lewis
PO Box 86131
North Vancouver BC V7L 4J5

Squamish River Watershed Society

Edith Tobe
PO Box 1791
Garibaldi Heights BC V0N 3G0


Number of members/students: 20
Initiated 1998. Coordination, training, habitat and biological inventory, assessment, monitoring, habitat restoration and public awareness; watershed and water-use planning, ocean stewardship on Squamish River.
Squamish Sea to Sky Corridor Streamkeepers

Jack Cooley / Dr. Jonn Matsen


Number of members/students: 25
Initiated 2000. Streamkeepers, spawner assessments, habitat restoration, watershed planning, ocean shorekeepers, activities and enhancement in Squamish.
Stewardship Pemberton Society

Veronica Woodruff


Upper Birkenhead Watershed Stewardship Group

Rhonda Johnson


Number of members/students: 20
Watershed planning, habitat restoration, education and monitoring.
West Vancouver Shoreline Preservation Society

Ray Richards
PO Box 91166
West Vancouver Bc V7V 3N6


West Vancouver Streamkeepers

John Barker
PO Box 91166
West Vancouver BC V7V 3N6


Number of Members - 103; Students and Volunteers - 25
Habit assessment and restoration, hatchery operation, water-use, land and watershed planning, spawner assessments, student outreach and education involving West Vancouver streams.
Whistler Fisheries Stewardship

Heather Beresford
4325 Blackcomb Way
Whistler BC  V0N 1B4


Number of members/students: 30
Watershed planning, habitat restoration, education and assessment.

Education activity

Institution School incubators Students Dissections
Pemberton/Whistler school district


225 -
Squamish school district


150 -
West Vancouver school district


270 1

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