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Rockfish Conservation Areas
Area 27 - Holberg Inlet - Chart 3679

This map is for information only and should not be used for fishing, navigation or other purposes.

Map - Holberg Inlet

That portion of Subarea 27-11 that lies easterly of a line:

from 50°36.117'N 127°45.013'W Norton Point
to 50°35.600'N 127°45.590'W Dahlstrom Point

and westerly of the meridian passing through 127°37.100' west longitude at Thorp Point.


Prohibited fisheries activities

The fisheries activities listed below are restricted in order to help protect rockfish from mortality and to support their conservation. By following regulations in Rockfish Conservation Areas, you are actively helping to protect these species.

Commercial harvesters may not fish for:

  • salmon by troll
  • groundfish by means of bottom trawl, hook and line, mid-water trawl, or trap
  • tuna by hook and line
  • shrimp by trawl

Recreational fishers may not fish for:

  • any species by spearfishing
  • groundfish by angling
  • salmon by trolling, jigging or mooching
  • octopus by angling
  • squid by jigging

Permitted fisheries activities

Some other fisheries activities may be allowed in RCAs. Check our fishery notice system and our sport fishing guide for current details about fishing opportunities, closures and regulations in the area you want to fish in. Make sure you know and follow your conditions of licence every time you head out to fish.

The use of descending devices is mandatory when recreational anglers release rockfish. Learn more about barotrauma and how you can help protect rockfish.

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