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Rockfish conservation areas

Monitoring and research programs in BC indicate that inshore rockfish, especially within the inland waters of Vancouver Island, are at low levels of abundance. We need your help to protect and conserve these species.

There are 37 species of rockfish that are caught in fisheries off the coast of British Columbia. Inshore rockfish species (which include yelloweye, quillback, copper, china, and tiger) are usually caught with hook and line gear in rocky reef habitats. Our rockfish conservation strategy is designed to alleviate further rockfish population decline through catch restrictions, fishery monitoring, stock assessment programs, and Rockfish Conservation Areas (RCAs) are established throughout the BC coast. Within RCAs, inshore rockfish are protected from all mortality associated with recreational and commercial fisheries.

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Rockfish conservation areas

Permitted fishing within rockfish conservation areas

Fishing activity not listed below is restricted.

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