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Conservation measures for Fraser River chinook and limited mark selective fisheries opportunities

Fraser River chinook salmon are struggling to survive. Despite significant fishing reductions, these populations have continued on a steep decline as they face a number of factors including habitat destruction and climate change. The loss of these chinook populations would be disastrous not just for wildlife that depend on them as a food source, but also for the many First Nations and communities whose ways of life and jobs depend on Fraser chinook salmon.

Fisheries management measures are difficult decisions that impact a wide range of communities; however, our collective action will ultimately improve salmon populations and ensure healthy and abundant salmon runs in the future.

For 2021, conservation measures to address conservation concerns for at-risk Southern BC chinook stocks are expected to remain in effect for many southern BC waters. A small number of terminal hatchery marked selective fishery opportunities will be implemented on a trial basis for 2021. These area are located outside the primary migratory paths used by Fraser chinook and are designed to limit impacts on wild chinook stocks of concern. Data from these fisheries will be used to support post-season evaluation and future decision making.

Any other modifications to existing measures will be included in the final 2021/22 Salmon Integrated Fisheries Management plans that will be released in early July.

Mark selective fisheries for the 2021 season include:

Further details and coordinates can be found in Fishery Notice 0481.

Map of 2021 BC recreational chinook fisheries management measures

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Map of 2021 BC recreational chinook fisheries management measures

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