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Conservation and sustainable Pacific fisheries

We've incorporated precautionary and ecosystem approaches into the policies that guide our fisheries management decisions.

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Sustaining Pacific salmon

Learn about the many ways that we are working to conserve Pacific salmon stocks

Marine mammals and sharks

Southern and Northern Resident Killer Whales, other marine mammals and Pacific sharks

Wild Salmon Policy

Learn about Canada's Wild Salmon Policy and how we are acting on it.

Rockfish Conservation Areas

Find out what we're doing to protect BC's rockfish

Glass sponge reef protections

Learn about how we're protecting Pacific glass sponge reefs

Integrated fisheries management plans

We use integrated fisheries management plans to guide the conservation and sustainable use of marine resources


Learn about Canada's British Columbia Salmon Restoration and Innovation Fund

Ghost gear fund

Learn about Canada's Sustainable Fisheries Solutions and Retrieval Support Contribution Program

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Contact the fisheries management team

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