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Pacific Salmon Indigenous Communal Commercial Licence Alternation Program guide: 1. Overview

Applications for the Pacific Salmon Indigenous Communal Commercial Licence Alternation Program are currently being accepted. All documents must be submitted by October 1, 2024.

1. Overview

The Pacific Salmon Indigenous Communal Commercial Licence Alternation Program (Alternation Program) allows Indigenous communal commercial salmon licence eligibility holders to voluntarily alternate their salmon fishery licence eligibility in return for financial support. The funding will provide support to acquire new commercial non-salmon fishery access and, if related to the newly acquired access, can include financial support for:

Once a licence holder acquires new access, their communal commercial salmon licence(s) will be permanently retired.

The objectives of the Alternation Program are:

Applicants will outline primary and contingency assets they wish to acquire in exchange for alternating their communal commercial salmon licence eligibility(ies). The funding they receive will be guided by market value for equivalent commercial licence eligibilities, in addition to other factors, and will be provided through a Contribution Agreement. Once funding is received, program participants will conduct follow-up transactions such as acquiring a new commercial non-salmon licence eligibility on the open market and buying new gear for their vessel.


The amount of financial support provided will be based on a variety of factors including:

Funding provided by the Alternation Program can be used towards eligible activities, and it may not cover the full cost of acquiring new commercial access. Other supplementary funding, such as private investment, financing, own source and other government programs may be used to cover the balance, as long as total government funding does not exceed 100% of the total project cost.

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