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WinSIRP 2: Microsoft Windows-based Salmonid Incubation and Rearing Programs, designed for Excel

Jensen, J.O.T., McLean, W.E., Jensen, M.E., Sweeten, T., and Damon, W. 2009. WinSIRP version 2.0 User Manual: Microsoft Windows®-based salmonid incubation and rearing programs, designed for Microsoft Excel®. Can. Tech. Rep. Fish. Aquat. Sci. 2839: vii + 49 p

WinSIRP version 2.0 is an updated package of predictive models, developed to assist salmonid fish culturists and biologists with a wide range of fish culture problems. These models focus on incubation, rearing, excess total gas pressure, treatment dosage calculations, and other useful utilities modules. The species modelled for the incubation portion are chinook (Oncorhynchus tshawytscha), chum (O. keta), coho (O. kisutch), pink (O. gorbuscha), sockeye (O. nerka), steelhead or rainbow trout (O. mykiss), along with a new species added, Atlantic salmon (Salmo salar). For ease of use, program modules have been incorporated into specially designed Microsoft Excel worksheets. The Incubation module consists of a series of worksheets that predict embryonic development in response to weekly mean water temperatures and associated metabolic responses (i.e. oxygen consumption and ammonia excretion), along with changes in egg sensitivity to mechanical shock and to high and low temperatures. The Treatment Module calculates chemical stock concentrations, dispensing pump flow rates, and pond flow rates for fish disease treatments with formalin used as the default chemical. In addition, there are Modules on smolt rearing (i.e. up to 50 gm), calculating the effect of excess total gas pressure, and 9 more worksheets in the Utilities Module.

To download a copy of the Technical Report, describing the program development and user instructions, click and save the WINSIRP2 user manual PDF file.

Installation files

The program file can be obtained by clicking and downloading (i.e. save to computer) the WinSIRP2 Excel file.

Installation Instructions

Once downloaded, to start the program, simply double-click the WinSIRP2.xls file.

System Requirements

WinSIRP 2 requires a computer running Microsoft Excel 2003 or older in Windows, and may not work with Excel 2007.

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