Salmon conservation catch card

If you want to fish for salmon in the Yukon you need a valid Salmon Conservation Catch Card and a Yukon angling licence.

The Catch Card contains pertinent information about an angler’s fishing activity. Salmon Conservation Catch Cards may be purchased online or from authorized suppliers.

How do I return my Catch Card?

You must return your Salmon Conservation Card to Fisheries and Oceans Canada by November 30 of the year of issue.

Yukon Catch Card Fees

Salmon Conservation Catch Card fees (price includes 5 % GST)
Category Yukon Resident Alaska Resident* Canadian Resident Non - Resident
Adult annual (16-64 years of age) $10.50 $10.50 $21.00 $52.50
Senior (65+) FREE $10.50 $21.00 $52.50
Minor (Under 16 years of age) FREE FREE FREE FREE

*Must be in possession of a current Alaska Resident Angling Licence and Yukon Angling Licence.

First Nations anglers who want to fish for salmon outside their Traditional Territory must possess a valid Yukon Angling Licence and a Catch Card, unless they have written consent from the First Nation with authority in the Traditional Territory in which they plan to fish. Any First Nations anglers purchasing a Yukon salmon Conservation Card must pay the applicable rates based on residency: i.e. Adult Yukon First Nations anglers pay $10.50 and Cards are free for Senior and Minor First Nations Anglers.

Failure to comply with any of these regulations could result in a fine or legal action.